Things PC Volunteers Should know-

Lessons learned

1 mice can eat the peanut butter from the mousetrap without getting caught. I thought putting peanut butter on a mouse trap would be a good idea cuz the mouse would HAVE to touch the trigger to get it…On fri I saw a mouse running around, so I kept setting peanut butter in a trap…but I kept noticing the peanut butter would disappear. I thought bugs ate it or it just melted or something since its hot…noppeee today, I saw a mouse licking away at it without it even going off.

2 mice can escape through the smallest, impossible looking holes

3 they don’t seem to notice the door that’s wide open, begging for them use it an escape. Instead they seem to like to make me run around my house chasing it, lifting up things, then wondering where the heck it went (which brings me back to number 2) having to go to sleep paranoid that its eating my food up or popping on my floor, and praying that it actually did go out the door and I just didn’t notice. Only to wake up and later see it running around again

4. Duck tape works for everything. Its now Monday and I have discovered the hole it disappears in. Covering that mess with duct tape and some stuff it cant chew through. Tomorrow I will tape this whole place up and put rocks on every corner, every nook and cranny
I will say that I think Im getting used to my rodent enemies…although I still cringe and do a few cries as I lift my propane tank to see if it ran under it and my arms still shake as I hold the broom and try to sweep it out from its hiding place…I am getting better. My grip is abit more sturdy.

PS I am disgusted, furious, out right angry by Stuart Little, the tale of the 3 Blind Mice and any other movie/ book that tries to make hideous, disgusted mice look like friendly cute cuddly creatures. I say we destroy them all!


About bnw0404

I hope to use this blog to keep everyone updated on my Peace Corps journey from California to Ethiopia Disclaimer: The contents of this page, and all links appearing on this page, do not represent the positions, views or intents of the U.S. Government, or the United States Peace Corps.
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