“time is money”- my student

In order to select the students that will attend summer camp, I had my 8th and 7th grade students  write a 200 word essay( their ages are between 12-15).  They were able to choose from 3 questions: 

1) What job do you want when you grow up? Why?

2) Why do you want to go to summer camp?

3) Tell me about yourself, describe your personality

Below I posted some quotes that warmed my heart, made me smile or laugh, or made me appreciate their honesty (these are direct quotes):

Tigist Age 15

In general I am extremely tidy. I get angry when other people move any of my things. My sister and brother are very touchy other wise I am peaceful with any person.

Firehweot Age 14

The main reason that I want to be a lawyer is in order to protect crime and crime acts not only that the other reasons in order to treat all people equally before the law. In addition to that to protect the right of children and to ensure gender equality. ..corruption is a hidden crime…So when I become a lawyer all those above crimes will come to an end and the main aim of me is to ensure protection of law and strongly to fight corruption. 

Freshnet Age 14

When I grow up I want to be a Astronomoer. ..I want to be like that because in my country Ethiopia there is no much Astronomers, and I want to do great role or contribituion for my country…my family gives me support. In spite of this Im not a great student but in a course of time, I’ll become a best student… It is better to die for something than to live for nothing

Abiy Age 13

When I was a kid, I wish to be a teacher. ..but after I grew up I changed my mind due to the economic problems they suffer. My second desire is to be a a doctor but I dont know what field of studies and in how much span of time it takes, and not forgetting my potential and also socioeconomic background would decide…sometimes I like to be rich merchant like those who not go far in education but become millionaire. Because, If I be a teacher or a doctor it is for better life and to get money. Then if the money brings better life, being a merchant is better but those riches are academically poor. ..these and other ideas come into my small mind and chases me with confusion…I am needing your support to show me the route to be better than I want. Because I am going but I dont know where my destination is. 

Eden Age 14

I have my own future plan.I will contribute to so many things for my mother land..I will fight against diseases, traditional practice, and all other things which are obstacles to our country. I have vision so I cant lose my hopes forever. I am sure that I want to be the most prominent scientist from Ethiopia as Galileo and Albert Einstein of other developed country. And I have a hope that my name will be written on the genius book and I will become famous ethiopian woman. 

Teklemariy Age 12

I will just introduce myself. I am 12 years old. I was born in Aletawondo. I live in Aletawondo with my family. I am kind of a pretty boy. I look like my father. My face color is black. My hair cutting style is normal. I use time properly without spending my day doing useless things because…time is precious. Work is planned by a number of hours and calculated in money too. Therefore time is money. If you are not accomplishing your task in a given time you will lose money.

Daniel Age 13

The right person for the right job [this is a peace corps quote]. First of all thank you all for this change. By the way Peace Corps officialy established in March 1, 1960 and there are more than 3150 peace corps volunteers that have served in peace corps since it was established. By the way that is enough about Peace Corps because your questions ays what job do you want when you grow up and why….I want to be a scientist

Yichwork Age 14

I wanted to work in my future career as a superstar singer….as the singers could have access to sensitive message to the people…all signers are famous and loved by the people. I started training to be a good singer and kept on doing it until I got to be 8 years old…Three days after my 9th birthday my father asked me what I would like to be when I grow up and my reply was to be a singer. “Is that possible without having a gift” inquired father. “I don’t know” I answered for him…”I think impossible so what shall I select?” I inquired him. Father responded ” being medical doctor is my best choice for you as you have no gift but you have interest only.” I accepted him though it was not satisfied me as such and their I decided to be a medical doctor. And am fullfilling the predetermined destiny of my father… since I am not gifted for music

Dagmawit Age 13

My personality in positive connotation is humble, frank, gentle and optimist. But I am negligent in all things. I like a person who got a charming behavior, generous, far cited, dedicated, and open minded. However, I dislike a person who got pessimist, cunning, cheater, pompous, conceit and so on. 

Mintesnoit Age 14

First of all I would like to thank Ms Breanna and the members of Peace Corps because it is a great opprtunity for me..I want to be an Ambassador or member of unsafe. 

Tedilaye Age 12

If Lord permits I will be a scientist…everybody knows that Ethiopia is the poorest country in the world. For many centuries Ethiopian lived with this humilation, more over the name of Ethiopia is edited in the dictionary to give meaning for poverty. Due to that, all Ethiopians including me must work hard to change the bad images from their country. 

Out of 16 students that answered the question about what they want to be when they grow up:

12 want to be doctors/scientists (not specific as to what kind of scientist)

1 wants to be a lawyer

1 wants to be astronomoer (still a scientist but he was specific) 

1 Ambassador

1 Administer to the Ethiopian people


I will use the essays to narrow down the selection and then conduct interviews 🙂


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I hope to use this blog to keep everyone updated on my Peace Corps journey from California to Ethiopia Disclaimer: The contents of this page, and all links appearing on this page, do not represent the positions, views or intents of the U.S. Government, or the United States Peace Corps.
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