Puberty in Ethiopia

Quick post I thought you may enjoy, as it just happened 5 minutes ago 🙂

Being in Ethiopia is like going through puberty again. You wonder about all the strange things that are happening to your body. I wish I could crawl into bed and have my mother read to me “What’s happening to my body.” We could switch to the chapter that says “infections, bacteria, and parasites.” I could read the symptoms and discover that the disappearing skin is only a flesh eating bacteria. My mom would tell me not to worry as many of my peers will experience the same thing. In fact some are going through it right now!

The only difference is this time I am not begging my mother to take me to the doctor to figure out when my boobs are coming in, stuffing socks into my bra to see what they will feel like, or putting butter in my bra at night because a friend said it would make them grow faster. This time, I am trying to do everything in my power to STOP puberty (or flesh eating bacteria). I wash my hands vigorously, clean all my cuts, and pray every night that the icky bacteria wont get me!

Fortunately, I have yet to have the bacteria eating infection. But, right now I am suffering from a toothache. It sent me into panic mood. I called the doctor right away to figure out what I should do. I started gargling with vodka as I don’t have Listerine and thought this would be a good alternative, flossed 10 times in a sitting because in my mind this would make it better, and emailed my mother in a state of panic since she understands how I can worry. While I waited for her to respond, I paced anxiously across my room. My tooth hurts! I may have to travel to the country’s capital to get it checked out. That’s like us going to DC for a dentist trip. What if I wait a month and my whole tooth rots? What if the dentist sucks? In the States I knew that my dentist’s objective was to save the tooth as Americans are very shallow 🙂 or at least I am. Here, I am afraid the dentist will say “take em out of there!”

Her advice? Take some pain killers, calm down, stop gargling with vodka, and see how you feel after awhile. That’s why I emailed her!


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I hope to use this blog to keep everyone updated on my Peace Corps journey from California to Ethiopia Disclaimer: The contents of this page, and all links appearing on this page, do not represent the positions, views or intents of the U.S. Government, or the United States Peace Corps.
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