Warning: Overdose in Chocolate causes Headaches!

Random updates:

Bad Manners

One of my worse fears is that by the time I get back to the states I am going to be considered an awful date. Something about being in the Peace Corps and in Africa is just messing with all my good upbringing. 🙂 lol

Ex # 1: I am turning into the girl that has never been anywhere, the one that points out every minor detail in an awe struck voice. When in Addis, I went to a really nice restaurant with other volunteers. A few minutes after we arrived I had to use the bathroom. Once I returned, I told them “You have to go to the bathroom! Girl they have a toilet!!”

Ex # 2 I have become the girl that has to take everything from the restaurant home, the one that stuffs everything in her purse including the silverware. At this same restaurant I ordered a bottle of water. They came out with a glass to pour the water in. Well, before we left I realized I hadn’t finished the water in the glass. So I poured that mess back in the bottle. I didn’t even realize it until a volutneer that has been in country for a year was liked “I don’t blame you.” I was embarrassed until I looked over at the other volutneers and saw them doing the same thing. We can’t afford to let something as precious as bottled water, that is free of all parasites, go to waste!

Ex #3 I have become a toilet tissue hoarder. During training they would only pass out one roll a week. Now that is not enough! So when we would go to places I would take the toilet paper!

Ex #4 I am the girl that brings her own condiments to the restaurant. Sometimes, when I I don’t feel like cooking, I go to a restaraunt and order an egg sandwich. But it has nothing on it…just DRY! SOOO…the last time I went I brought my own mustard … I pulled the whole bottle out of my purse and put it on! If im going to pay for this sandwich I surely want to enjoy it!



I got to see a good friend from college!! She’s Ethiopian and came out to visit her family. It was sooo good seeing a friend from home and getting a chance to see a different side of Ethiopia. Im just so thankful that she shared her family with me and included me in all of her plans, including treating ourselves to the hair shop and getting pedicures/manicures. I had a really good time with her and the rest of her fam 🙂 THANKS TIGIST!!!! 🙂 🙂

English Class
Ive been teaching English. Sometimes I wonder if I could be a teacher, because I love children and that profession gives you a chance to work with them every day. BUT after 3 weeks of it I am not sure I have the patience that it takes to be one. I enjoy when we get to play games but I dont like lecturing them. Plus, Im really a big softie. I gave the kids a test and of course I caught some cheating, one even opened her notebook during the test. I gave them an F. But, the girl came to my house, crying. What could I do? Im going to let them retake it. Smh just a big softie. I will say the cutest thing my kids do is whenever they want to ask me something they say “may I ask you one beautiful question”

I played a game with the students. Its one of those games where you have someone stand in the middle and say something like “My favorite color is green” and everyone whose favorite color is green has to run to a new chair. The last person who doesn’t have a chair has to stand in the middle and think of something that people have in common. Well I made a few modifications to this game. We didn’t have chairs so I told them to put hteir notebooks on the floor and that that would serve as a chair. Not the best idea because of instead of leaving the notebook on the floor when they ran in the middle for a new spot..they picked up their notebooks with them. So there was no way to tell who was the last person. I also wanted them to practice their English skills so I had the students ask the person in the middle 3 questions. Also not a good idea. As soon as there was a girl in the middle the boys of course started asking her if she had a boyfriend and what not. Smh I forgot that I was dealing with adolescents

Although I get frustrated with teaching, because of the lack of understanding due to language, the fact that they are immature, and that I don’t really know what Im doing…I enjoy my students.

Community Needs Assessment
I am almost 90% done with the rough draft of my community needs assessment. When I finish the final draft I will post that on here.

Care Packages
Thanks to the awesome care packages I have been able to make some pretty good meals!!
Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than carrying a 45 pound care package across my town, I instantly have a better attitude…I say hi to every single person I see with an ear splitting smile while holding that heavy package. The only thing that may make me smile more is thinking about the time the person took to send that package and the amount of money they paid to make sure it reached me. Thank you ma for my package!!! 🙂 I have already devoured the chocoalte and am actually nursing a headache from the sugar high. Even that has made me smile, because of the sheer fact hat I had chocolate to eat to give me the headache 🙂 lol

Awkward moments
Imagine going to a post office, to check your mail. All of a sudden the lady tells you she is going to take a bath. You tell her ok, maybe scratch your head at this weird request. Next thing you know she is asking you to help her. Again you say ok. You go outside and help her fetch the water. You think your job is over….but OH NO! she precedes to take off her clothes, outside, while a man walks by, during the day and asks you to pour the water over her. You are now acting as her shower head, pouring water over her, outside, while a man walks by, during the day. All you wanted to do was check your mail…

Lol fortunately that didn’t happen to me, it happened to one of my fellow volunteers… 🙂

I accidentally got my neighbors children in trouble. They kept knocking on my door and I got irritated. So I yelled at them, well the neighbors heard so they asked me what happened. I explained it to them, I think I got them a butt whupping L oops! The next few days they stayed their distance from me and would only say hi. They wouldnt hug me or anything. So today I made it up to them by playing with them. Back on track!

I think one of the best parts of Peace Corps is that it challenges you as a person. There are moments that you have to fight to stay positive. Fight to remember why you are here and why you are sacrificing comforts of home. Sometimes small things will get you down, just simply because you are out of your element. But you can’t allow these thoughts to foster in your head. You have to look past the situation you are currently in and look at the big picture. You also have to learn to be patient. Things do not work the same as what you are accustomed to. In the states you can make a meeting at 9am, everyone will be there and everyone will be on time. Or you can go to an office and ask to speak someone, most of the time you can find them or at least schedule an appointment to see them later. That is not necessarily the case here. You have to be patient and flexible to make things work. I think that’s one of the things that I appreciate, love, and dislike at the same time. I appreciate the fact that it makes me look beyond myself and my comfort to make a situation work, I love the fact that it challenges me to do things that I am not comfortable with and forces me to grow, and I dislike dealing with it because I get frustrated that things are not what Im used to. It is very easy to be negative about a situation. There are days that I have to stay in my house because I don’t want to see anyone. I don’t feel like being stared at, I dont feel like everyone asking me a bunch of questions, I don’t feel like people asking me where have I been, and I don’t feel like hearing people say things to me that I don’t understand. I allow myself to feel that way, and than I pick myself back up. I take the time to get myself back together and than I try and move on. If Ive been negative that day I try and change my thoughts to think of something positive. So today, if you ask me how I am doing, I am fighting to stay positive. The good thing, is that it is not too difficult to do, in a second a situation can change my entire mood. A child will come up to me and give me a big hug, someone will tell me how happy they are to see me, a mother will invite me in her home and fix me a plate, a friend will invite me to coffee, or my students will all get correct the new vocab words I gave them on their test.

New pics coming in about a week!


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