I have walked on Africa’s concrete. I am not in the rural area just yet so they havent made it to the soil. But neverthless I am here. I am now half way across the world from my friends and family. I made it to the motherland, I am breathing the air, hearing the language, and smiling away. I still don’t feel as if I am really here; but, eventually that feeling will wear off.

I had a rough time getting here. I had REALLY overpacked. I had 2 huge rolling duffel bags, one medium sized duffel bag, and one carry on. My rolling and medium duffel bags were 60 pounds each when I was in San Fran . I took out enough eight to get my bags to 53 each. Once I arrived in PHilly I realized there was no way I could carry all of that stuff I brought and began to panic. Peace Corps advised us that the weight limit was 40 pounds a bag with a total of 80 pounds,  began to frantically unpack a bunch of extra clothes and a pair of wedges (yea I know what do i need those for right?). Fortunately, I have a friend who lives in Philly and I unpacked an entire duffels bag worth of stuff for him to send to my mom (shout out to Jarrod and my mommy for being life savers). I can say I didnt have to leave anything on the side of the road because they helped me out! Also, one of my fellow trainees managed to only pack one bag and she offered to check a bag for me 🙂 God really made a way for me today

Everyone has been so friendly so far. There are 20 people in my group, 10 girls and 10 guys, 4 people are from California and 4 or 5 are from Texas. The rest are spread out like Minnesota, North Carolina, Colorado etc

The flight wasnt bad. We flew from New York to Germany and from Germany to Ethiopia. It was about 14-15 hours but I took sleeping medicine so I slept through the flight to Germany. People have been telling me I look like Im Ethiopian. I’ll wait until Ethiopians tell me if I look Ethiopian. I dont think I do, but I certaintly take that as a compliment because the women here are beautiful.

I used the bathroom at the hotel for the first time 🙂 it was a regular toilet but you can’t put any tissue in it. You wipe and then put the tissue in the trash basket. I was trying to figure out how to flush the toilet for awhile. I kept pushing the button and started thinking the dang thing was broken (the button looks like sink stoppers). I finally pulled it and down went the water 🙂

I am not sure what time it is here but I know it’s late. We have to get up early tomorrow to start our training to prepare us for entry into the host family, go over medical stuff, and do a tour. I am now a Peace Corps Trainee 🙂


About bnw0404

I hope to use this blog to keep everyone updated on my Peace Corps journey from California to Ethiopia Disclaimer: The contents of this page, and all links appearing on this page, do not represent the positions, views or intents of the U.S. Government, or the United States Peace Corps.
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6 Responses to I MADE IT!!

  1. Hassan says:

    🙂 Happy that you made it safe and I’m looking forward to reading and enjoying all the things that you plan on sharing during your assignment…Keep up the good work!

  2. bnw0404 says:

    Thanks fatty!! 🙂 Im trying to make sure I tell all of the things that happen, but its hard to remember it all 😛

    • Hassan says:

      I can understand that. Every day is something new. It would be crazy to try to remember and re-write everything, that’s why you better have good pictures.Or else.lol. Have you opened up any of the cards yet? Probably not, your too bizzy having fun.lol. If this ever happens again just know your going to be required to write letters too.lol.

      • bnw0404 says:

        I def did open up a card, yesterday matter of fact 🙂 It was from RJ’s party!! I had a huge smile on my face! I will work on sending a letter now 😛 hahah since I know I asked yall to write a lot

  3. matt aunties son says:

    was up cuss cant wait till i see you again

  4. Mommy says:

    Breanna, I tried to call you and must have dialed the wrong nunber. still getting used to international calling. I love you baby and miss you. I hung on the phone for five minutes while a man was trying to get someone to the phone who spoke English. LOL….well send me an email with your number cuz after I dialed 011 and all the rest….it was too hard. I got a calling card from the Ethiopian Market….36 minutes for 5 bucks….what a deal…if only I could speak to you instead of a stranger

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